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김수행 아저씨 퇴임 이후를 걱정하는 메일

얼마전에 김수행 아저씨 후임은 주류 경제학자가 되리라는 소식을 전했었는 데, 엊그제 이메일을 정리하다 보니 서울대 경제학과에 마르크스 경제학 전통을 이을 수 있게 해달라는 영문 메일이 하나 와 있더군요. 나름 흥미로운 내용이어서, 아래 살짝 걸어두기로 합니다.

Save theMarxian Tradition at SeoulNational University, SouthKorea


This is anurgent appeal for solidarity in thestruggle against neoliberalism-dominated economics in universities.Marxian economicsat Seoul National University (SNU) is hovering on the brink ofelimination. Weare aware that these processes are also happening at University of Marburgnow and a lot of universities in the world have already beguneliminating thecritical or non-mainstream traditions in social sciences under claimsofefficiency, market principle, restructuring of university, etc.

The onlyMarxian economist in the faculty of SNU,Prof. Soohaeng Kim is going to retire in Feb.2008. He is famous in Koreaforhaving translated Marx's Capital into Korean and his translations havesoldabout 350 thousand copies since 1988. Marxism has been one of theseriousweapons against long-standing military dictatorship and domination ofcapitalin industrial relations here in SouthKorea,and therefore Prof. Kim's lecture of Marxian economics has beenovercrowdedwith many students enthusiastic about radical change and true democracyof Korea.He hastaught 'Introduction to Political Economy' and 'Marxian economics' attheundergraduate level, and 'Studies in Marxian Economics' at the graduateleveland supervised 15 Ph.D. dissertations about Marxian and non-mainstreamthemesin economics.

However, itis highly likely that his position willbe replaced by a neoliberal economist when he retires in February.Unsurprisingly, 32 of 33 faculty members are pro-market conservativeeconomistsand 30 of the 33 have gotten their Ph.D degrees from universities inthe United States.In fact, Prof. Kim was able to join the faculty of SNU in 1989 as aresult ofgraduate students' demonstrations with a boycott of classes back then.Most ofthe faculty in the department of economics in SNU have assumed adispleasedstance against the Marxian tradition in SNU, often called 'the highestrankinguniversity of Korea', and Prof. Kim's retirement is a good chance forthem towipe out this tradition at SNU.

We graduatestudents are preparing to fight topreserve the Marxian tradition at SNU. While we are preparing concreteactionshere, including a graduate students sit-in and protest assemblies, itiscrucial that our struggle not be isolated and thus we are appealing forinternational support through a signature campaign. Marxian economicsis stillan important branch for critical social science and its role as a lensforunderstanding class dynamics between capital and labour has grown evenmorecrucial as the neoliberal attack is winding around every corner ofKoreansociety, let alone the universities.

We areurgently appealing for your support. Please takea minute to act in solidarity by sending an e-mail with your name,school ororganization, and country to

to indicateyour support for our cause. If you needany further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. We wouldbetremendously grateful if you could also further distribute this tosympatheticcolleagues, comrades, etc. We will be taking signatures until Tuesday,February5 , 2008 and urge you to please take the small but very importantsolidarityaction by sending the e-mail today.

Thank youvery much for your consideration andsupport.

May ourstruggle meet with solidarity and may theMarxian tradition in economics survive the neoliberal attack at SNU!


by 남쪽계단 | 2008/01/03 09:22 | 생각 | 트랙백 | 덧글(2)

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Commented by 초롱초롱 at 2008/01/03 23:37
33명의 교수 중에 30명이 미국박사라... 그럴거라고 생각은 했는데 막상 숫자로 적혀 있으니 기분이 묘하군요. 이러한 시도가 있다는게 흥미롭기도 하고 착찹하기도 합니다. 요새는 입학하자마자 공무원 시험 준비한다니까 대학이 점점 빛을 잃어가는 것 같습니다.
Commented by 남쪽계단 at 2008/01/04 00:20
당장 쓸모있는 지식을 요구하는 사회가 되어가는 거죠. 하지만 쓸모없는 지식은 쓸모있는 지식이 쓸모없게 되었을 때 비로소 힘을 발휘하는 법인데 말입니다. 게다가 지식이란 거 갑자기 필요하다고 금방 쌓을 수 있는 것도 아니고. 어쩌겠어요.

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