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잠깐 조사. 블로그에서 아이디어를 얻는 경우가 왕왕 생기는 데, 제대로 인용하는 법을 몰라서.

The Chicago Manual of Style Online:

Below are some common examples of materials cited in both styles. Each example is given first in humanities style (a note [N], followed by a bibliographic entry [B]) and then in author-date style (an in-text citation [T], followed by a reference-list entry [R]). For numerous specific examples, see chapters 16 and 17 of The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition.

Weblog entry or comment

Weblog entries or comments may be cited in running text (“In a comment posted to the Becker-Posner Blog on March 6, 2006, Peter Pearson noted . . .”) instead of in a note or an in-text citation, and they are commonly omitted from a bibliography or reference list as well. The following examples show the more formal versions of the citations. If an access date is required by your publisher or discipline, include it parenthetically at the end of the citation, as in the first example below.

N: 8. Peter Pearson, comment on “The New American Dilemma: Illegal Immigration,” The Becker-Posner Blog, comment posted March 6, 2006, (accessed March 28, 2006).

B: Becker-Posner Blog, The.

T: (Peter Pearson, The Becker-Posner Blog, comment posted March 6, 2006)

R: Becker-Posner blog, The.

또 다른 예 하나, The NML Style Guide:

요즘엔 찾아보면 그래도 웬만큼 다 나오는 듯. 이왕이면 제대로 참고문헌으로 달아주고 싶은 포스트들이 있다. 꼭 내가 블로거기 때문만은 아니다. 남의 아이디어를 발전시키게 되면 적어도 그 정도의 예의는 지켜야 한다고 생각하기 때문에. (boingboing에서)

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